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Patty Mastracco
Food Stylist, Recipes, Media Tours,
Product Spokesperson

Changing the World One Tastebud at a Time!

Food Stylist Patty MastraccoI love food! It is my entire life's passion. My college degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, my internships, my corporate career and 20 years of freelance work - all food!

Being a freelancer allows me to develop recipes and style food photos for companies big and small, farmers, commodity boards, branded food products, food service companies and everything in between. I've had the opportunity to tour farms, factories, wineries and artisan cheese dairies. My favorite vacations are to far away destinations and are centered around - what else - food!

In 2005, I took on the role of Food Editor for Something Extra magazine for the Northern California based Raley's/Bel Air supermarket chain, a publication that had previously been outsourced.

Something Extra evolved into something special for consumers and I have since created a sizable catalog of recipes and styled photos for the company and various vendors. I estimate about 1,500 recipes in all.
Another recent project includes an upcoming cookbook for the State of California featuring healthy Latino recipes and one of my photo styling projects from 2009 won an "Addie" award for advertising excellence. I also developed a series of healthy potato recipes and was featured in videos and PBS cooking shows to compliment these.

I'll admit to a bias toward healthy, easy to prepare recipes, but my assignments have me handling all kinds of foods from coast to coast. I can also provide nutritional analysis of recipes upon request.

I offer behind-the-scenes prep for satellite media tours and with increasing frequency I am invited to get in front of the television cameras on behalf of clients (click on the Video tab or go to youtube). I take pride in creating reliable recipes that work so that even novice cooks can feel at ease in the kitchen. For me food is art, taste and celebration.

I've fried chicken for Florence Henderson, popped popcorn for Orville Redenbacher, grilled pork for Guy Fieri, smashed avocadoes for an NFL quarterback, styled food and wine for golfer Greg Norman, and styled ice cream for funny man Jack Gallagher in 100 degree plus temperatures! Have a food project that can top this? Bring it on!